Program Description

This pet grooming course is designed for students who do not have prior professional grooming experience. Students learn to handle pets confidently and safely and can enter professional grooming in a short period of time.

Cat and dog grooming courses focus on building key competencies. Students learn brushing, combing, bathing, techniques for drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and basic finishing techniques for short-haired, long-haired and double-coated breeds. Students also receive skin care and breed specific training.

Tuition includes textbook, online training and in-person training.

Pet grooming training at Smoochie Pooch Academy

Course Completion Time

80 Classroom Hours

Full and part time scheduling available

Course Completion:

2 weeks (based on 40 hours per week)

Certificates & Diplomas

Graduates will earn a Certificate with successful completion of this course.

Students can complete this course in just 2 weeks. (Based on 40 hours per week)

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to work competently at the approved level with supervision.

Tuition & Costs

Textbooks & Tool Kit:$550.00
Registration & Enrollment:$50.00
Toal: $1900.00

A rewarding career awaits!

600 hours of grooming training | Taught by certified instructors | Placement support