Dog combing by certified dog groomer in Indiana

About Our Pet Grooming Programs

Designed by award-winning groomers, our programs combine in-class pedagogy and extensive practical training to make students skilled groomers. Students are taught proper breed profiling and learn pattern setting for different dog breeds.

At Smoochie Pooch Academy in Crown Point,every student receives personalized attention and graduates as a confident groomer and stylist. Throughout our courses we encourage creativity, allow students to develop their own style and instruct on ways to improve speed and efficiency.

Pet Stylist Program

Perfect the basics of dog grooming and develop new skills with the Pet Stylist Program. This dog groomer training course is best suited for those looking to step up from assistant grooming positions, are re-entering the profession or just want to learn new grooming techniques.

This course focuses on basic pet grooming, including bathing, drying, brushing, ear cleaning, oral hygiene, nail trimming, and clipper and scissor finishing. Special attention is paid to skin care and breed-specific needs. Students also learn breed profiling and pattern setting.

Program fee includes textbooks, in-person, and online training.

Become a certified dog groomer at Smoohie Pooch Academy
Pet grooming courses at Smoochie Pooch Academy in Indiana

Assistant Pet Stylist Program

Learn to handle pets safely and confidently and enter professional grooming in a short space of time. The Assistant Pet Stylist Program is best suited for those who do not have prior professional grooming experience.

Our pet grooming coursebuilds key grooming competencies, including learning to bathe and brush pets correctly. Students are introduced to basic finishing for different breeds, including long-haired, short-haired and double coated. Training on identifying breeds and skin care is also provided.

Program fee includes textbooks, in-person and online training

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch Academy

Smoochie Pooch Academy in Crown Point, Indiana is a pet grooming school accredited by the Office for Career and Technical Schools, Indiana. We are committed to providing high-quality grooming education. Our pet grooming classes, and curriculum have been designed by nationally certified groomers with years of experience in the industry.

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized attention
  • Work with real animals
  • Focus on KCI competencies
  • Learn about customer satisfaction
  • Discover salon operation basics

Our courses will help you realize your dream of pursuing a career with a salon, entering the show circuit, or working with film and TV studios.

Pet grooming courses at Smoochie Pooch Academy

Real Experience

Our instructors bring up to 10 years of experience in the grooming industry. They offer real insight into the profession and how you can excel.

Practical Training

Learning by doing is essential for any groomer-in-training. Practice under the supervision of supportive instructors who will help you learn the proper methods and techniques.

Supplies Provided

The program fee includes the cost of textbooks, tool kit and supplies required for the pet grooming courses.

Placement Services

Graduates receive counselling and placement support. We help you find grooming positions, network in the industry, and achieve your career goals.

A rewarding career awaits!

600 hours of grooming training | Taught by certified instructors | Placement support