Pet Stylist Program

This pet grooming course focuses on perfecting the basics of dog grooming, including brushing, combing bathing, techniques for drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and clipper and scissor finishing techniques. Students also receive skin care and breed specific training.

Students are taught proper breed profiling and learn pattern setting for different dog breeds. We help students maximize their grooming potential by encouraging creativity and instructing on ways to improve speed and efficiency.

Tuition includes textbook, online training and in-person training.

Dog haircut training at Smoochie Pooch Academy in Indiana
Dog combing by certified dog groomer in Indiana

Details of Course

This program hones students’ skills, teaches finishing techniques and provides breed-specific training. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have learnt grooming competencies, the basics of salon operation, and become certified groomers. Grooming classes utilize theory and extensive hands-on training to make you confident groomers.

Grooming competencies

  • Understand canine structure
  • Identify breeds and suitable styles
  • Express creative cuts and finishes
  • Expertly complete fundamental grooming tasks
  • De-mat and de-shed a dog without causing injury
  • Identify and handle infestations
  • Use, maintain, and disinfect grooming equipment
  • Cater to the unique needs of specific breeds
  • Communicate professionally with vets

Operational competencies

  • Understanding salon operations
  • Learn to meet customer expectations
  • How to price services
  • Book and record keeping

Who this Program Is For

Students enrolling in the program are looking to further their careers in the pet grooming space. It is a great step-up for assistant groomers and bathers with professional experience. Even current pet stylists can benefit from instruction by award-winning groomers and learn new styling techniques.

Whether you are re-entering the industry after a break or actively pursuing a career in grooming, the Pet Stylist Program will help develop your skill set. Though those with no prior grooming experience can enroll in this dog groomer training, we advise completing the Assistant Pet Stylist Program first.

Dog haircut training at Smoochie Pooch Academy in Indiana

Career options and placement

Successful completion of the dog groomer training course is a stepping stone to a variety of pet grooming opportunities. The pet grooming industry is booming and there is rising demand for qualified groomers.

Work with

Pet salons | Support animals | K9 & law enforcement units | Film & TV studios | Start own business

Dog combing by certified dog groomer in Indiana

About Our Instructors

Our programs are designed and taught by national accredited instructors with years of grooming experience. We are animal lovers ourselves and will help you turn your passion into a rewarding career. We will guide your skill development, working on your strengths and weaknesses to make you well-rounded groomers. 

Course Completion Time

600 Classroom Hours

Full and part time scheduling available

Course Completion:

15 weeks (based on 40 hours per week)
25 weeks (based on 24 hours per week) 

Certificates & Diplomas

Move Quickly into Your New Profession

Students can complete this course in just 15 to 25 weeks. (Based on 24-40 hours per week)

Graduates will earn a Diploma with successful completion of this course.

Tuition & Costs

Tuition: $5,750.00
Textbooks & Tool Kit:$1,225.00
Registration & Enrollment:$50.00
TOTAL:  $7,025.00

A rewarding career awaits!

600 hours of grooming training | Taught by certified instructors | Placement support

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Smoochie Pooch Academy is operated by one of Indiana’s longest running pet groomers and stylists. Our pet groomer training in Indiana is accredited by the Office for Career and Technical Schools. 

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