Why Continuing Education Matters For Our Team

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Getting together with people in your industry is always a fulfilling experience. Being able to talk about a day in the life of a groomer, the best pet grooming courses, or sharing details about challenges you’ve had can really help you feel connected while providing an opportunity to learn something new.

Continuing education in the pet grooming industry is important. Whether you’ve been taking care of the grooming needs for dogs and cats for many years or are new to the job, making an effort to keep up to date and current on trends and training is important.

Pet Grooming Courses Can Further Your Career

Thankfully, the opportunity to take further training is something that’s quite possible in the pet grooming field. From a cat grooming course to learning about something more specific like skin treatment, wherever your interest lies, make the effort to further your knowledge. At the Smoochie Pooch Academy of Pet Grooming, we work hard to offer excellent courses that help groomers advance their careers and realize their dreams.

The pet industry is always rapidly changing. For example, there could be new techniques taught in your dog groomer training courses or you could learn more about improving interactions with pet owners. There is always new information to digest. The main goal of continuing education is to help everyone advance, become more effective, efficient, and connected to the clients you serve.

The team at Smoochie Pooch continues to further their education in order to be able to serve our clients in the best possible way. Dog groomer training courses or courses specific to cats can help refine skills in the following ways:

  • Master grooming techniques such as hand stripping.
  • Become confident in completing cat and dog breed specific trims.
  • Specialize in specific breeds or crosses such as ‘Doodles’ or long-haired cats.
  • Complete pet stylist training to go on to compete as a stylist at the National level.
  • A cat grooming course focused on creating a stress-free environment for feline guests.

When our groomers are completing additional courses or training, they get a firsthand opportunity to learn about new treatments, technologies, and products that have entered the market. Not only does this allow them to improve their overall skills, but it also supports a better customer experience for our Smoochie Pooch clients located throughout Indiana.

Learn More About Smoochie Pooch Academy Of Pet Grooming

If you’re interested in investing in continuing education, you want to be sure you’re choosing a reputable program. At Smoochie Pooch Academy of Pet Grooming in Indiana, our students learn from award-winning instructors in a clean, safe, and modern state-of-the-art grooming salon that offers individual grooming stations as well as classroom space. If you want to take your grooming career to the next level, it’s time to explore our programs. Enroll today and set yourself up for success!